Flat Chain

Product Description
Badger Barn Cleaners
For over 50 years BADGER has set the standards for hard working, long lasting barn cleaners. With innovation like one piece precision machined, cast iron transmission frames, Cor-Ten steel elevators, and colossal chain (along with many others) BADGER continues to be the industry standard in barn cleaner technology.

Choose the transmission that meets your needs. The 580 drive, rated up to 5 HP, provides all the power necessary for most barn cleaning chores, and pulls up to 500 feet of chain. For those extra-long, hard-to-pull jobs, choose the super 770, which is rated up to 7-1/2 HP and pulls up to 700 feet of chain.

•Large 2-1/2" diameter drive shafts are standard

•Precision-bored, one-piece heavy cast frame assures perfect alignment of upper and lower bearings

•Over 25 square inches of bearing surface in both top and bottom bearings

•Spiral groove lubrication in both main bearings

•Pinions feature stress-proof steel pinions for strength and wear-resistance

•Model 580 features high-strength alloyed cast iron gears

•Gears of the Model 770 are made of ductile iron with 100,000 PSI tensile strength


Badger Chain

•High carbon heat treated forging have thickness where it counts for extended wear life and strength.

•Large diameter alloy pins (3/4"). The pins are beveled for more surface area contact while the chain goes through inclines and declines. - Pins are "double swedged" for a full tight grip and a large capped head.

•Flat bars are an impressive 1/4" x 1-3/4 x 6-1 /4"

•Chain is reversible for longer life and ease of installation.

•Bolt on paddles and 3/4" wide wear heels for long life