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NEW BN580 Badger Barn Cleaner Transmission


ModelBN580 Barn Cleaner Transmission

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Registration Year0000

Tag #NEW 580

Product Description

The 580 drive, rated up to 5 HP , provides all the power necessary for most barn cleaning chores, and pulls up to 500 feet of chain.

Cor-Ten steel

Here's where durability begins, Badger Barn Cleaner elevators are built from Cor-ten Steel! Cor-Ten steel is up to 8 times more corrosion resistant than the steel used by most competitors. It is also 20% stronger. Badger elevators are available with flat or "TIP-UP" paddle return. Simply stated, Badger Barn Cleaners last a whole lot longer than others.

Dura-Forged® Chain

High carbon heat treated forging have thickness where it counts for extended wear life and strength. Large diameter alloy pins (3/4"). The pins are beveled for more surface area contact while the chain goes through inclines and declines.

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